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Text written by Eunice (Fundação São João de Deus)

"The best thing about therapy sessions with Paco was that in those brief moments, all my attention and curiosity were focused on him and my mind calmed, relaxed, decompressed and enjoyed the interaction with Paco. 
I already miss him!"

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Text written by Gonçalo (Fundação São João de Deus)

"I wanted to tell Rosário that her activity, her presence, and such a friendly dog, reminded me of the old days when I had my best friend - Falco. I also wanted to say that there are three types of dog owners: those who treat their dogs badly; those who are indifferent to them; and finally, those who make their pet dog a member of the family and clearly Paco is part of this group. Rosario, activities with your dog, his teachings, and Your good disposition will be missed! So, I wish you all the best and maybe you will visit us again later. Thank you for everything."

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Text written by André (Fundação São João de Deus)

"I really enjoyed the experience with you and Paco, I loved it!

I'm going to miss it so much!"

Text written by Helena (Fundação São João de Deus)

"I really enjoyed meeting Paco! I hope we meet again. I lost my dog when I was 18 and Paco did me a lot of good, it was good to have this close contact with a dog again. I'm going to miss him a lot. Rosário and Paco were part of my life and I'm going to take them with me. I wrote a poem: 

Paco, paquito, you are everything to me

come back quickly 

my love for you

is endless."

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Text written by Sónia (Fundação São João de Deus)

"I would like to thank the Foundation, and Daniela in particular, for the opportunity to put me in contact with the animal world, in such a careful, attentive and direct way.

Paco is without a doubt a very special dog."

Text written by Nelson (Fundação São João de Deus)

"Hello, my name is Nelson Cunha and in these last few weeks I have had the pleasure andI like meeting a four-legged friend called PACO, Paco was a breath of fresh air in our lives, at least in these sessions, I learned several things I didn't know about our canine friends, I got to interact with a gorgeous Labrador and the cutest and most affectionate thing I've ever seen in my life, being able to interact with him, do tricks and even learn something from his personality was an experience that if someone asked me again if I wanted to, I wouldn't even think twice about saying yes. I wasn't used to dealing with dogs, but I think that after all this I started to understand our four-legged friends better.

Finally, I want to say that I enjoyed, loved and loved this experience and that you will always be welcome.

Thank you for everything."

Text written by a 7 year old child
BIP-ZIP Program Estrela Parish Council

"Browny is the best dog I've ever met in the Universe, he teaches us many things, good, new and interesting.

This week Browny is going to teach brutal things, how to throw the ball and Browny goes to get it and when he comes back he gives the ball and we give him the cookie, it's so fun.

Merry Christmas Browny"

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