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Interview for the program "It's a lot of esteem, yeah" - Canal Casa e Cozinha
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New partnership with the S. João de Deus Foundation

The MIND UP project is dedicated to the training and psychosocial reintegration of people with mental illness at working age. 

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Opinion article - OMV
2021 - Annual Edition nº 14

Opinion article in the magazine of the Order of Veterinary Doctors.

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Opinion article - FlyNews
May 1, 2020

"The Benefits of having a companion animal (in times of quarantine)"
Workshop - Anima-assisted therapies
Workshop "Animal-Assisted Therapies"
May 25, 2019
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Pets4People on Sic Mulher
September 16, 2018
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Opinion article - Zoo Magazine
01 July 2018

"Animals are good for us"
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Workshop "Animal Assisted Interventions"
12 June 2018

Therapies, Activities and Education
Workshop "Austime and Animal-Assisted Therapies"
24 March 2018

Workshop aimed at Parents, Therapists and others interested in the topic. Testimony from a psychologist and mother about autism spectrum disorder and a veterinarian with training in animal behavior and animal-assisted therapies.

Pets4People at the 1st Luso-Brazilian Seminar on Positive Psychology
01 March 2018

Pets4People presented a work with the theme "Positive Psychology and Animal-Assisted Therapies in a Home for Children at Risk."

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Revista Visão report on the work of Pets4People at the Instituto da Imaculada 
14 July 2017

Brownie, the labrador who is a luxury therapist.

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Workshop "Animal Assisted Therapies and Dog Training"
05 November 2016

Workshop prepared by Pets4People, in partnership with Quinta da Texuga and PetBHaviour.

Pets4People at PetFestival - FIL
01October 2016

Presentation by Pets4People - Demonstration on Animal-Assisted Therapies.

Pets4People at Colégio Ramalhão Summer School
13July 2016

Presentation of the theme "Bond between People and Animals - benefits of interaction".

Pets4People at the Faculty of Psychology
04June 2015

On June 5, 2015, Pets4People had the pleasure of participating in a seminar organized by the Faculty of Psychology of Lisbon: "Education Today: Promoting Well-Being and Preventing Risk".

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Pets4People at the opening of UCIF
May 20, 2015

On May 21st was the grand opening of UCIF: "Happiness Intensive Care Unit", at Casa dos Sonhos. Pets4People had the honor and joy of participating in this event as one of the partners in this fantastic project!

Pets4People at the 1st Alternative Animal Fair in Oeiras
May 8, 2015

This year Pé ante Pata organized the 1st Alternative Animal Fair in Oeiras and challenged Pets4People to participate. Of course we accepted and it was a success!

TSF at pets4people.jpg
Pets4People at TSF
March 21, 2015

TSF recorded a Pets4People session at the Instituto da Imaculada. It aired on the radio on Sunday, March 21st under the heading "Fathers and Children".

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